Positive Leadership

Welcome to a new column providing information and practical suggestions for practical solutions to Leadership related topics. It is my privilege to receive the opportunity to communicate with our readers and constituents about the multi-faceted and vitally important challenges faced daily (including weekends) by the people, we identify as leaders. Leaders are special individuals. In a “small business,” leaders are even more special. They have a vision for the future; they take personal and financial risks to create a successful enterprise that benefits the people they employ and their families. Their contributions and commitment to their communities makes a better place to live and work. In fact, collectively, small businesses enable communities to stay strong, to grow and to improve the quality of life for all.

This column’s focus will be on the positive traits, successful outcomes and outstanding leadership shown by small business leaders across the country and the globe. Within the Route 422 Business Advisor geographic area alone, we have hundreds of examples of high-quality leadership philosophies, knowledge, strategies, and operational execution all achieved by individuals with genuine concern and empathy for their employees and their communities. Our focus is on SUCCESS and learning valuable lessons from those leadership approaches that create success.


As a value-added enhancement to the column, we will also discuss a number of additional yet essential leadership responsibilities. Missing from many leadership articles are important issues involving Human Capital Management (HCM), a new moniker for Human Resources (HR).

Our ability to lead successfully is highly dependent upon our ability to optimize our business practices in talent acquisition, compensation, employee and management development, performance management, employee communication and engagement, conflict resolution, and governmental compliance.

Leaders also need financial and efficiency information about their labor costs which is normally their greatest expense (investment) category. Therefore, we shall also include research information regarding HCM program ROI and best practice evaluation metrics, Human Resource Information System (HRIS) utilization and analytics, as well as strategic, cost effective benefit offering alternatives. These are just a few of the topics that we shall be covering.


Are you looking for evidence prepared by researchers that highlight the sub-optimal performance of leaders, managers and employees? It is not hard to find many publications, studies, or personal opinion pieces describing a myriad of missteps made by people who work in any business endeavor. The research involves human behavior after all, so discovering mistakes and imperfections is like looking for balloons at a birthday party — they are always present and easy to find.

Finding experts that will gladly explain our business’s road to ruin because we do not follow their textbook truisms is easier than hunting for those birthday balloons. Many experts published in management books, academic journals, popular magazines, or their own blogs, seem to have developed tunnel vision in their generally negative view of business and its leaders.

Many pundits, often without leadership or management experience themselves; seem to revel in emphasizing the enormously large amount of small business failures caused by its leader’s poor behavior. Others describe the extinction of employee morale and productivity resulting from a self-centered, disengaged staff. Some warn of the two-headed monster called technological advances, which threatens eventually to eliminate human discourse.


Instead of the doom and gloom, this column will focus on leadership traits of distinction. We will explore the varied ways that leaders have created a culture of excellence within their organizations. We will examine the insights of entrepreneurial thought and view how they move their beliefs into action. The results of these sessions will provide a series of potential pathways for our leaders to follow or create while enhancing their already successful results.

William Kreider is the founder and CEO of HR Future Group, a firm that offers a full service suite of human capital management services for small businesses. From HR Outsourcing, Cloud-based Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, and Benefit Administration, to Compensation, Leadership Coaching, Talent Acquisition and other HCM consulting services, HR Future can assist your business. Mr. Kreider has significant executive experience in all areas within the HR profession in a variety of industries. For more information, please email him at bill@hrfuturegroup.com or call 610.584.2467.